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Public Transportation:
The LYNX Bus Service is Orlando’s main public transportation option. It serves most of the city including Orlando International Airport, the theme parks, and the majority of Orlando’s tourist attractions. Depending on where your Orlando short term rental is located, this will probably be your best bet if you’re going the bus route. Passes that range from one to 30-days can be purchased. You can also get to and around Orlando on a Greyhound bus. Their station is located in the southwestern part of the metro which is close to the main tourist attractions.

Many hotels also have a free shuttle that goes to and from area theme parks. Additionally, all Disney resorts have free transportation services to and from the Disney theme-parks. Also, the free Lymmo bus service serves downtown Orlando. Finally, there is a very inexpensive bus service that rides to and from all of the major hotels and places of interest on International Drive, one of the main tourist streets. It is called the I-Ride Trolley, and they offer passes that range from 1 to 14 days.

If you need a taxi, you must call and have one dispatched. Taxis are open for service in Orlando, but they do not drive around looking for customers. Some of the local taxi companies in Orlando are:

  • Regal Orlando Transportation
  • Around the Corner Transportation
  • Statewide Taxi
  • Orlando Taxi Cab
  • AIDO Transportation
  • Mears Transportation

Like most U.S. cities, Orlando is a town where cars dominate the transportation system. While it is possible to vacation in the city without needing a car, if you’ll be staying in one of our furnished apartments in Orlando, you are probably going to want one. Even though streets in Orlando are oftentimes congested, cars still provide an easy and convenient way to get to where you’re going.

The roads in Orlando are all fairly wide and able to be driven on with ease. There are detailed signs which navigate the way to most tourist attractions. Yet, even still, Orlando ranks 8th in U.S. listings as a city with the worst traffic congestion. Aggressive drivers are plentiful in the Greater Orlando area on major highways as well as on city streets in the downtown areas. Speed limits for the most part are ignored, and you will likely be tailgated unless you’re going 80 mph or higher, even though speed limits are set around 55 mph to 65 mph.

The only interstate going through Orlando, Interstate 4 (I-4) has undergone major construction renovations making it much more driver-friendly with its widened areas. Naturally, traffic during rush hour and weekend evenings is heavily congested regardless of how wide the roadway is. Places like Downtown Orlando, Walt Disney World, Sea World Orlando, Universal Studios Orlando, and many more points of interest are located along or close to Interstate 4.

Finally, during your stay at your short term rental in Orlando, you should be warned that open road tolling is used on many of Orlando’s highways. These tolls are fairly small for short trips within Orlando, but can quickly add up on longer cross-town trips. Some major highways that include tolls are SR-528 (The Beachline Expressway), which runs east from Interstate 4. SR-417 (The Central Florida GreeneWay), which bypasses Orlando starting at Interstate 4 just west of Disney World, SR-408 which starts on the east side of Orlando and takes you past the west side, ending at the Florida Turnpike (also called the Ronald Reagan Turnpike).

Orlando has three main airports. They are listed here:

  • Orlando International Airport- This is the primary airport serving Orlando. It is located in the southeastern region of the city and has 72 non-stop domestic flights. It is the busiest airport in the state of Florida.
  • Orlando Sanford International Airport- This secondary airport is located in Sanford, which is 30 miles north of Orlando International Airport. It services commercial and general aviation flights including European charter flights. This is the 3rd busiest airport in the state of Florida.
  • Executive Airport- This airport is for general aviation flights only and is located 3 miles east of downtown Orlando.
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