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If you are looking for a furnished apartment in Orlando, then there is one thing that is guaranteed to happen while you are there. That is, you are going to have some fun! You can't help it, really. What other town than the one that Walt Disney himself chose to house his Walt Disney Land Resort are you going to be able to enjoy yourself more? This family entertainment capital of the world is split up into four main sections. The southern and western parts are where you'll find the most hotels and attractions. The metro area is filled with neighborhoods that still have historical value and make for pretty places to stay. Here, we will describe areas where visitors aren't usually interested in going as well as those that they are, in hopes that you will find the neighborhood in Orlando that will best suit your needs.

Metrowest is a convenient community located within Orlando city limits. It is near the major Florida highways including the Florida Turnpike. Major shopping malls, Universal Studios, Sea World, and the Disney attractions are all located in and around the Metrowest area. It has a diverse real estate market with single family homes, condos, and apartments. Living in one of our Orlando furnished apartments here will put you in a location where you will never have to search for something to do.

Lake Buena Vista:
Years ago, when Walt Disney was looking for a place to build his East Coast dream park, his people came across this 39 square miles of empty land that was available in the outskirts of Orlando. Disney purchased it, had it designated as its own municipality, and re-named the place "Lake Buena Vista" (after the street in Burbank where the Disney Studios is located--"Buena Vista Street"). The entire Walt Disney World resort is located here in this section of southwest Orange County. Disney employees are all designated as city workers, right along with the police and the mayor! This community also has many resorts, shops, and restaurants in an area they call Downtown Disney, and just over the border in Osceola County there is a huge number of shops, restaurants, and hotels that are not owned by Disney.

Winter Park:
This area north of Orlando is best known for its upscale environment as well as its small-town charm and sense of heritage. Park Avenue is a popular destination for people here because of its chic shops and restaurants. Winter Park has cobblestone streets, fine dining, and an area of beautiful, and a chain of scenic lakes (including Virginia, Maitland, Osceola, and Mizell) which are connected by narrow canals. This place is best as an adult get-away from the Disney attractions and is not considered a great place to take the kids.

Downtown Orlando:
Largely abandoned for many years, the center of Orlando had undergone somewhat of a renaissance in recent times, with the development of several office towers, condos projects, shopping centers, sports arenas, and a world-class performing arts center. This relatively small downtown area is northeast of Walt Disney World. It's now considered to have a nice mixture of commercial, recreational, and residential buildings in an area without the crowds of the Disney and theme-park zones. It's also very popular these days with young professionals. You will find many diverse restaurants there, and a decent selection of nightclubs, bars, and boutiques. There are also a few museums and sports venues nearby. It is fairly easy to walk around the area to get to most places, but there are also several taxis services available. Downtown is definitely one of the more popular places for visitors wanting short term rentals in Orlando.

Kissimmee is a part of Orlando that is filled with tourists, partly because of its relative location near to Disney World, and partly due to its reputation as one of the more economical places to stay. Upon investigation of this area, you will also find a side of town that is very much tied to its heritage. The town has two rodeos and was home to many cowboys (& cowgirls) long before any theme parks were around! Kissimmee is filled with budget-friendly hotels, casual restaurants, and minor attractions of all sorts.

Baldwin Park:
If you end up looking for furnished apartments in Orlando in the Baldwin Park region, once you move there you would be about three miles from Downtown Orlando in a neighborhood, although mostly new, is quite obviously inspired by the past when you consider much of the architectural design. This newly developed community was built on the site of an old Naval Training Center, and now has over 9000 residents and more than 120 businesses. It's very livable, very walkable, and has diverse housing choices and good schools. It also has several scenic parks and lakes. This, and its restaurants and shopping areas make it one of the most sought-after places to live in Orlando.

Maitland is a suburb of Orlando known as one of the oldest municipalities in Central Florida. It has a strong residential identity with a diverse economy. Maitland is peppered with parks along lakes which contribute to its scenic beauty. Once lived in by American Indians, Maitland is also rich with history.

Lake Mary:
Located about 18 miles north of Orlando, Lake Mary has been called the best small town in Florida to live in. It is a safe and friendly environment with a crime rate that's one of the lowest in the state. It's one of the fastest growing areas in Central Florida, and is known for its strong residential identity, great schools, and outstanding businesses, including a variety of shops and restaurants. Furnished Apartments Orlando would be happy to help you find short term housing in this area, should you decide it's what you are looking for.

Winter Garden:
West Orange County is a fast-growing area of Florida with many distinct subsections. One of these sections is Winter Garden. Winter Garden is located 14 miles from downtown Orlando. This area used to be one of the largest shipping points in the state for citrus fruits, and it holds on to much of its historic roots. An array of shops and restaurants can be found in its historic downtown area. The West Orange Trail, a 22 mile long bicycling trail, also passes through downtown Winter Garden.

Located in SW Orlando and considered the gateway to the lake district of Central Florida, Windermere is a small yet prestigious community. It is a laid back, upscale region filled with sand bottom lakes known as the Butler Chain of Lakes. Many feel that Windermere is the finest that Orlando has to offer, having been home to celebrities like Tiger Woods, Shaquille O'Neal, and Arnold Palmer.

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